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of Christ

Welcome to Road To Life Ministries.
Road To Life Ministries is an evangelistic ministry
dedicated to reaching people and changing lives
with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to
help fulfill Gods plan for the world, that all should
come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior,
and none shall be lost.  It is our hearts desire to see
the lost saved, and the saved grow in the abundance
of Gods blessing. Thank you for visiting our site!

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Mark 16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the
world, and preach the gospel to every creature
. (KJV)
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Jesus Is Lord !
of the
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Love! The Church and God

Gods word accomplishes that which He pleases. Our love for Gods
word should be about His pleasure.
His word Brings Hope to the hopeless, comfort to the comfortless,
salvation to the lost.
It is a strength and a refuse for the lonely and depressed.

The problem with the church is that we want to skip over anything that
is not appealing to us.
We are like the rich young ruler, we can keep the commandments, as
long as we can keep our riches of comfort.
As long as there is no requirement.
As long as.......................................
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Which road are you on?

There are many roads that we travel today. Sometimes we get so
carried away by all the sight seeing that we do, that we forget to check
the road that we are on for obstacles. There are always going to be
obstacles on the road no matter which one we are traveling on. Let's try
to understand the mechanics of the problem. An unforeseen pothole in
our path could cost us an alignment. A sharp piece of debris could
cause a flat tire, or even an accident, (depending upon the rate of
deflation). If we get in to big of a hurry, we can always depend upon
the unnoticeable law enforcement to correct us, with a loud siren,
flashing lights, and usually putting a cramp in our shopping spree.
Have you ever been out driving and gotten lost? Or maybe you never
reached your destination because you couldn't ...........
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Brother John
is currently the Associate Pastor of
Federal Point Pentecostal Church
in Wilmington, NC